Embody Boutique

Embody Denim has been a household name for over 10 years with the online community.

I was thrilled to drive by one of my favourite suburbs in Sydney Balgowlah and notice that the perfect store was up for lease.

I immediately jumped at this opportunity and called a good friend and fellow business woman NaOmi & cO.

3 weeks later we are open and trading!











The Embody Denim Boutique and  NaOmi & cO are a fusion of Bespoke Floral Craftsman and decorating mixed with Fashion.

Embody Denim is stocked alongside other well known curvy brands such as:

17Sundays, Hope and Harvest and Sonsee Woman, with many more to be added in the coming months.

Please come in and be pleasantly surprised by such a wonderful combination.


Embody Denim and NaOmi & cO is Located at :

300 Sydney Rd

Balgowlah NSW 2093